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(Atom A)
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dAO = - 1.0 log( /18)
recommended bond-valence parameter
empirical constant
formal valence
dBO = - 1.0 log( /18)
t =
dAO( )
2 dBO( )
t =

Goldschmidt tolerance factor calculator for ABX3 compounds

t >Structure Explanation Example
>1 Hexagonal A ion too big or B ion too small BaNiO3
0.9-1 Cubic A and B ions have ideal size SrTiO3, BaTiO3
0.71-0.9 Orthorhombic/Rhombohedral A ions too small to fit into B ion interstices GdFeO3, CaTiO3
<0.71 Different Structures A ions and B have similar ionic radii FeTiO3